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Read Music FAST! Part 2: intervals and key signatures

Since I launched Read Music Fast! 2 years ago people have been asking for a sequel, and I’ve finally had time to make one.

In Part 1 I taught people how to read individual notes really rapidly using my unique reference note system. Part 2 is twice as long (4 hours of video), and is split into 2 halves:

  • In the first I show you how to read notes even faster in context, by getting really good at reading the distance between notes (called an interval in music).
  • In the second I decipher the mystery of key signatures (lots of sharps or flats at the start of a piece), and also reveal my Red/Blue System for working out scales, which I’ve been teaching my private students for years but have never published publicly before.

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As always, you can get a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it.

Terrific course with innovative approaches to learning sight reading and beginning music theory, clear explanations and demonstrations, and abundant resource materials, all delivered in a calm, friendly manner. Would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you, Benedict! – Taome N

His unique method of understanding scales is, by itself, worth the price of the course. Check it out. Definitely one of the best online classes I’ve taken. – Lynn Kear

If only every teacher/instructor could make learning this easy for their students. – Nana Okyere