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Intervals, triads and sight reading apps

Here are all the exercises I had made for intervals, triads and sight reading. You’ll be asked to play an interval, triad, or note from a score, and can either click the right notes onscreen or plug your keyboard into your computer and play them. If you get the notes wrong, the app will show you what the right notes were, and you’ll need to play them before continuing. You’ll also need to get a certain number of questions right in a row to complete the exercise. The programme intelligently keeps track of which questions you’re finding difficult and tests you on those more.

To plug your keyboard into your computer you’ll need either a USB/MIDI or cable or just a USB cable – check the back of your keyboard and/or its instruction manual. Note that if you’re using a USB/MIDI cable you need to plug the In plug into the Out socket and vice versa. Before starting an exercise, click the box that says Enable sound / MIDI. If you’re using a Yamaha keyboard you’ll need to download and install the Yamaha USB/MIDI driver first.

Please note that these exercises are still in beta, and are bonus add-ons to lessons rather than essential components, so while I’d love to hear if they don’t work, please don’t go crazy if they don’t!



major triads

minor triads

augmented triads

diminished triads

all triads

All intervals and triads

Sight reading