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If only every teacher/instructor could make learning this easy for their students. – Nana Okyere

I have 5 courses available so far, ranging from complete beginner to advanced. All of them embody the principles I wrote about in my article on how to be a better music teacher, like teaching things in a memorable way in the context of real pieces of music.

My first course, Beginner Piano, is for people who have never touched a keyboard before. You don’t even need to know the note names or which way is up – the course teaches you all of that. It leads straight on to Read Music FAST!, Parts 1 and 2, which teach you the quickest way to read the notes on the page and then decipher the mystery of key signatures. (At some I’d like to write a Part 3, which would cover rhythm.)

There’s then a bit of a jump in difficulty to Piano Chords, which shows you multiple ways of interpreting basic chord symbols like triads and 7th chords, and assumes that you’ve been playing piano for a couple of years. At some point I’d like to bridge the gap between Read Music FAST! Part 2 and Piano Chords with an Intermediate Piano course. Finally, there’s Advanced Piano Chords 1, which teaches you how to alternate 3rds and 7ths around a harmonic circle of 5ths (and what that means and why it’s important), and then adds 6ths and 9ths.

I’m currently working on 2 new courses: one is Advanced Piano Chords 2, which will cover jazz extensions like altered 9ths, 11ths and 13ths, and I’m also working on a course that introduces people to playing-by-ear, composing, and improvising. I hope to have these finished by mid-2018.

Scroll down for more detailed descriptions and for the first video of each. musophone readers get 25% off all courses. (The password to any private course is always Tigris, the name of my cat.)

Beginner Piano

A course for complete beginners – no prior experience required. You don’t even need to know the note names!

Ok – so who would like to start playing the piano without the hours of frustration learning music theory? I’m one. That’s exactly what Benedict does in this course. … I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to learn and play. – Greg R

This course walks you through playing simple songs, but they actually sound like the real thing which gave me a sense of accomplishment and encouraged me to keep playing. I highly recommend this course! – Helenmary Cody

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Read Music FAST!

Learn to see a note on a piano score and play it on the keyboard straight away. My best-selling course.

WOW! The instructor’s method and exercises meant I was nailing five octaves of note reading in just a day! … Excellent production quality, excellent graphics, clear explanation. … I’d give it ten stars if I could. – Mark S A Smith

After the course, I can assure you that you will not be seeing a music sheet the same way again. – Kathleen Rosario

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Read Music FAST! Part 2

Learn how to read notes in context and decipher key signatures.

His unique method of understanding scales is, by itself, worth the price of the course. Check it out. Definitely one of the best online classes I’ve taken. – Lynn Kear

If only every teacher/instructor could make learning this easy for their students. – Nana Okyere

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Piano Chords

Learn to read chord symbols in a visual and intuitive way using real music.

After buying loads of books on piano chords nothing has come close to this excellent course … it has to be the best on Udemy – Michael Fallon

Even if you already know your scales and chords, this course brings you through the variations so that you can do more than just play a triad each and every time. – Richard

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Advanced Piano Chords 1

Learn how to interpret 6th, 9th, and 13th chords, as well as augmented and diminished triads, on the circle of 5ths.

brilliant explanation of the ii v 1 progressions considering the circle of 5ths! – Marty

The instructor teaches a lot of advanced chords in such a way that then “sticks” in your mind. – Bruno Sade

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